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I know I'm supposed to start my blog out with a post about crafting tips (since that is what you are here for), but I wanted to take a minute to tell you a little more about me and what I am here to do. Don't worry, I won't put a secret post at the bottom of this, so if you don't care about this part you can skip to the next one :)

Growing up, I had a love for things that involved creativity, but I always told myself I wasn't creative because I couldn't draw/paint (ask my husband, I may be the worst drawing artist in the world...and the worst Telestrations partner). It took me a long time to realize that creativity is more than drawing and painting and there are so many outlets to let that creativity shine.

After receiving my Cricut machine for my birthday a few years ago, my passion really took off. I started by making Christmas gifts for family members and continuing to grow my knowledge of the craft, but I would start to lose interest after the gift giving season was over. So guess what I did next? You probably guessed it, I created my own small business, LyssMarie Designs. I am always finding ways to challenge myself and this business has been nothing short of a challenge. I love celebrating each milestone, no matter how small, and using my business to create things that bring a smile to people's faces. And this is where you all come in! I'm so excited for this opportunity to expand my business to help you learn more about your Cricut machine and empower YOU to create more.

I think one important note is that sometimes this process is not easy. Whether you are just beginning or have been doing this for years, you are going to make mistakes. The amount of products I have ruined, the vinyl I have wasted, and the amount of times I've had to start over on a project is too many to count and I'm hoping to share all of those lessons with you throughout my posts. Not everything will be easy, and sometimes your craft area will be messy, but the projects you will create will be totally worth it.

I'm so excited to have you here on this journey with me!


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