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The 7 things you NEED to know in Cricut Design Space

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

So you've opened up the box and set up your new Cricut machine, just to realize that you don't actually know what you're doing.... that's okay, I'm here to help :)

Your first step to ANY project will be the design, and that's what I'm here to discuss today! We will scratch the surface of what you can create on Design Space, but I want you to be able to see the basics and start creating!

To start, open the Cricut Design Space program. There will be a lot to explore on this home page, so go ahead and take a look around! Once you're ready, click New Project in the top right hand corner.

You now have a blank canvas, where you get to create so many great projects. Let's start with the basics.

1. Adding text:

To add text, click the "T" button on the left toolbar. Enter your text into the box, and it will appear on the screen in the standard font. Depending on how you want your design to look, you can add multiple text boxes to stagger words, letters, etc.

2. Changing text font:

Once you have entered your text, you can start to bring your design to life with different fonts. To do this, click on the text you want to edit and then click the Font drop-down on the top toolbar. You can scroll through the available fonts and try them out until you find the one you love.

Your words with each font will automatically default to a letter space of 1.2. This will come into play as you change fonts, as it will allow you to connect cursive letters, move lettering closer, or move letters further apart. Watch what happens to my lettering when I change the letter spacing:

3. Resizing your text:

There are a few ways to resize your text. You can use the select the text and then use the arrows on the bottom right to extend or minimize the design. If you hold CTRL and click multiple text options, you can resize them together.

Another way to resize is to use the actual size arrows on the top toolbar. This is especially helpful if you know your design needs to be exactly 5" high, then you can enter that directly into the "H" section and your design will resize.

Another item to note with resizing. You have the option to lock or unlock your design. Lock means that your design will move proportionally as you make it smaller or larger. Unlock means it will not move proportionally, and allows you to lengthen/shorten one dimension. See below for examples of both.

Before resize:

Resize after using "lock"

Resize after using "unlock":

Do you see the difference? Depending on your project, you may use one or the other, but it's important to know you have options!

4. Changing Font Color:

Another fun feature of Design Space is changing font colors. This is incredibly helpful for visualizing your design colors before you print them. Do change font colors, click on the text you would like to change, and click on the color block on the top toolbar. You can choose from the list provided, or click advanced to customize your own color.

5. Grouping / UnGrouping Text:

Another great function you can use within Design Space is the Group function. This will allow you to really customize your design. The basics of this function are exactly as the name says, you can group text together, and then ungroup those as you need. Let me show you a few perks of this function.

Grouping multiple text boxes together so you can move them around your canvas as one design.

This next one is my favorite. As you are perfecting your text design and using your letter spacing function, you might find not all the letters connect perfectly.... well you have total control of that if you use the UnGroup function. If you click on your text box and then click UnGroup, you will be able to move each letter individually. Now you can move letters closer, further apart, change out a letter if you don't like the font, whatever you want! And then you can use Group again to put them back together.

6. Weld Function:

Another feature within Design Space is the Weld function. This is one you will want to use before clicking "Make it", as it will help hold your design together to be cut together on the mat. Another perk of the weld function is connecting your cursive letters so they cut out smooth, let's see an example of that:

Here is what your cursive text will look like when you move them together.

And then when you click Weld, look at how it makes your cursive letters flow seamlessly!

One thing to note about the Weld function is that there is not an "UnWeld" function like the group/ungroup. (Note: if you haven't saved your project yet, you can click Undo to remove the welding). There is also another way...

7. Slice:

So you welded your design together and saved your project, but now you want to change part of it, this is where you will utilize the Slice function. At the basics of Slice, you will be able to break apart your design wherever you choose. Let's see this process.

Start by adding a shape to your canvas. It can be whichever shape you think will cover your design the best.

Unlock your shape, and place it over the part of your design you want to be "sliced" or broken free from the welded design.

Hold CTRL and select the items that will be involved in the slicing. In our example, it will be our gray rectangle and the purple letters saying "enjoy the". Once both are selected, click "Slice" in the bottom right hand corner.

Once you have clicked Slice, you will see the text show up on your shape. This means it is now "cut out" of that shape and is free to move around.

You can now move the cut out lettering around, and you are left with 3 different items. If you don't need all 3, you can just delete them.

We have covered a lot in this post, and there is still so much more to be explored with Cricut Design Space. As you design, make sure to explore and check out different functions within the program. There is so much to be created!

And don't worry, I'm not done writing tutorials on this program, so stay tuned to my page for more updates and fun new projects!


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